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Our classes have gone online due to COVID-19

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All classes have been transitioned to (LIVE) Online Classes

Our class schedule remains the same but instead of attending your classes at one of our tuition centres, you will be attending our live online classes.

Free Trial is available for selected sessions.

Our established O-Level Additional Mathematics program is designed and run by one of the best tutors in the industry. Students have consistently achieved at least 2 grades improvement at GCE ‘O’ Level.

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  • The program has a efficient and structured revision plan that exposed the students to the wider range of mathematics problems to maximise their chance to excel at the GCE O-Level.
  • Test and short assessments will be conducted to track the progress of students and understanding of students. This allowed our experience tutor to customise our dynamic program for each group of students.
  • Consultations will be available to our students at no additional cost.

Bugis Branch:

420 North Bridge Road #03-06 North Bridge Centre Singapore 188727

Bugis Branch

Yishun Branch:

Blk 101 Yishun Ave 5 #02-95 Singapore 76010

Yishun Branch

For 1 on 1 Tuition availability, please enquire from our Coaching Page.

$280 Nett Monthly

No hidden cost nor deposits.
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Optimal class ratio

Average class size of 6

Beyond class consultation

Our tutor always take the initiative to check regularly with student they have any doubt wish to clarify.


Regular assessments

Impart advance/efficient solving technique based on student weakness.

Solving Inequalities the Faster Way

Preview our online resource that is available exclusively for our students

Hear What Our Students Are Saying

William gives his best to each and every students

William gives his best to each and every students

After struggling with H2 Mathematics in my JC1 year, I was introduced by a friend to William’s classes. At the start, William would focus on getting the fundamentals straight, building a strong foundation. This is often overlooked by schools which would focus on...

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William Re-ignite my interest in Maths

William Re-ignite my interest in Maths

Ever since he was in school, William has been a very good tutor even towards his schoolmates. I was his schoolmate from JC, if not for his helpful coaching, I would not have passed my mathematics paper. I like him for his kindness and dedication in the subject of...

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Anthony understands the struggles of being a student

Anthony understands the struggles of being a student

Anthony is a very dedicated teacher and is uniquely different from all the previous tuition teachers I had throughout my past years of education. He understands the needs and struggles of being a student and is able to wire his teaching style to cater to those needs-...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Orion Tuition Centre’s Additional Maths program different from that of other tuition centres?

Most tuition centres run a rigid and one-size-fits-all program, i.e. fixed question type, fixed lesson plan. Orion Tuition Centre optimizes the learning process for group tuition by customizing the lesson for each class in terms of pace, topics, the variety of questions, etc. Students who can cope well will be encouraged to join faster-paced classes that cover selected Elementary Mathematics topics. This will have to be assessed by our tutors.

In addition, since Orion Tuition Centre specializes in national examinations, we produce in-house quality materials for our students. The materials seek to challenge students and increase their exposure to different question structuring styles.

Do I need to sign up for Elementary Maths if I am taking both Additional and Elementary Maths for O-Level?

Elementary Mathematics is fundamental mathematics. Doing well in fundamental mathematics is essential and correlated to doing well in mathematics.

Orion Tuition Centre’s Integrated Mathematics program is structured to cover all Additional Maths topics and selected topics of E-math which are deemed as an essential building block. Students thus do not have to sign up for both Additional and Elementary Mathematics.

However, students who aren’t coping well in Additional Mathematics will be grouped with a slower paced class which places more emphasis on Additional Mathematics topics and less on Elementary Mathematics topics. In such instances, students can opt to sign up for our O Level Elementary Mathematics class.

If I am in the Additional Maths program, will l I be able seek some help on Elementary Maths?

Students can consult their respective tutors on questions related to Elementary Mathematics. This will allow our tutors to better assess whether he/she will need to take up Elementary Mathematics lessons.

Will Orion Tuition Centre’s curriculum be suitable for students who are from the Normal Academic (NA)?

Orion Tuition Centre will enroll students only if there is a class that our tutors deem suitable. Our tutors, having been in this industry for years, will advise students for a suitable class. Students, as assessed by our tutors, who need more attention to Additional Mathematics will be placed in a slower paced class so that he/she can focus on building his/her Additional Mathematics concepts.

 However, should a student be able to cope well, he/she will be encouraged by Orion Tuition Centre to join our Integrated Mathematics class that will cover selected Elementary Mathematics topics, on top of the usual Additional Mathematics topics.

Do I need to provide a month notice if I find the program not suitable for me, and wish to withdraw?

Students do not have to provide a month’s notice. In fact, he/she can withdraw at any time before the following lesson, with immediate effect. Unlike most centres, Orion Tuition Centre does not collect any registration deposit. We pride ourselves in our program with our extreme low turnover rate as a testament to the success of our program.

Do students have opportunities to consult and seek clarification about their doubts?

Our tutors are available for consult before or after classes. Student are strongly encouraged to clear their doubts with their respective tutors on a regular basis.

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