34 Hours H2 Physics Intensive Program

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What Sets Our Program Apart from others.

The more tangible thing that our centre offer is more time and support allocated to each student. That is only possible because we limit the number of enrolment (only 4 vacancies for the revision 2020 program). With no such limitation placed, the time for each student. Kind of a simple logic. 

Also a good well spread revision timeline over weeks instead of a few days like marathon, where the effectiveness will be limited. 


What To Expect

Level Of Support you Can Expect During The Intensive Revision

Concept Revision

Approximately 24 hours of Intensive Content Revision in 10 sessions. Lessons will be conducted together with our existing students.

Consultation / Guided Revision

You will get at least 10 hours of scheduled consultation time to answer any queries you may have.

Limited Vacancies

We are only enrolling 4 students, so that each and every one of you will get the attention you required in the last lap for the A-level preparation.


We will be glad to offer assistance beyond lesson time. Just ask kindly if you need help, we have never turn our students away.

H2 Physics A-Level Intensive Schedule

Registration Process

The total cost of the program will be $1,500 + $30 Registration Fee

Payment of first 50%

Since we are only opening up 4 vacancies, your enrolment into the intensive program will only be confirmed upon paying the first 50% of the couse fee. 

Payment of the next 50%

Complete the full program payment by 24th October 2019.

Let's Work towards your Success

You will get personalized attention from our tutors where they will go the extra miles to maximize your chances at the A-Level.

Where It’s At:

Bugis Branch

420 North Bridge Road, #03-06
North Bridge Center Singapore 188727

Bugis Branch

Yishun Branch

Blk 101 Yishun Ave 5 #02-95
Singapore 760101

Yishun Branch

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the vacancy of the H2 Physics Intensive Program?

Each year we will only enroll approximately a maximum of 4 students under such program. Sometimes less, depends on how many students our tutor think he can adequately support.

Why is the vacancy for the H2 Physics Intensive Revision so limited?

This is to ensure each student is provided with sufficient personalized attention which may be in the form of consultation, WhatsApp support or whatever it takes. Having too many students on such program will dilute our tutor time and resources which will be counter-productive.

Can I join only the lesson on the H2 Physics topic that I am weak in?

Unfortunately, no. We have a very limited vacancy for the intensive program, it is only meant for students who are keen to be part of the whole program.

How does Orion H2 Physics Intensive Program compared to other centre’s program?

Most intensive program takes place over a very short period of time. Like 20 hours over 3 days and that is it. However, not all students are able to digest a large amount of information within a short time. And very unlikely any students will approach the tutor for a consult after the program has ended.

On the contrary, Orion Intensive Program is spaced over a period of 6 – 7 weeks. Students are allowed time to digest the concept, consult our tutors and review the concept again. They are also allowed to consult us on any relevant questions. Such iterative learning cycles are more much effective in giving the student the best chance to excel.

In addition, students under our program are provided with ample consultation time till the examination date of the respective papers. This is only possible because we limit the enrolment of students.

Do I need to be concern about the H2 Physics class size?

Our regular class size on average is about 12-14 students. However, the more relevant question at this stage is “will the student be given enough time to clarify their doubt ?”

Yes, we have to ensure all students are given enough attention and support. We have to deliver what we promised. Which is why there is a limit on the number of students enroll under such program.

Since the H2 Physics intensive program is so exclusive, will there be any disadvantage to our existing students?

Certainly no, our existing students are our priority. But at the same time, we must deliver the level of support we promised to students who enroll under the intensive program. This is why we place a stringent limit to our intensive program enrolment.