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We are the leading Math and Science Tuition Centre in Singapore for JC, IP and O Level. Our award-winning tutors have more than 2 decades of shared teaching experience and we aim to provide the best learning experience for our students.

Our Tutors

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Students with Dr William

Dr William (PH.D. Tutor)

  • Top A level Student for the A-Level. Perfect A-Level Score with Distinction in Special Paper (H3 Equivalent) Math and Physics.
  • First Class Honours in NTU Aerospace Engineering. Ph.D. in NTU Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with perfect GPA (5.00/5.00). He mentored NTU undergrads in regular lessons.
  • Author of scientific papers in internationally recognized journals and presenter in international scientific conferences.

A stellar academic performer and mentor, Dr. William is someone who deeply believes in the power of education and the positive effects education can bring to individuals. Dr William has been instrumental in the development of Orion’s programs and he has contributed immensely to the very success of Orion Tuition Centre.

Anthony Lee (EM3 to Top Student Tutor)

  • Featured in various newspaper publications for his inspiring achievements (From EM3 to Top Student) in 2002 O-Level and 2004 A-Level.
  • Placed in NUS Dean’s List for Electrical Engineering, which is awarded to top 5% of students with a GPA of at least 4.5 out of 5.
  • Founder of the successful AnthonyTuition which specialises in H2 Math and H2 Physics.

Mr Anthony’s academic road to success was unprecedented. From the bottom of the academic ladder in EM3 (lowest stream in Primary School) with a PSLE score of 114 to getting a placement in NUS Dean’s List, his success story is available for sharing in the centre.

Students with Mr Anthony
Student attending Ms Agnes Classes

Agnes Chan (Ex JC Lecturer)

  • Perfect A-Level Score with Distinction in Math, Chemistry and Physics.
  • NUS Bachelor of Science (hons), Major in Applied Chemistry and theorised the first water soluble conjugated polymer for cancer therapy.
  • Former MOE Junior College Chemistry Teacher with 7 years experience in the A-Level program.

Dedicated and experience, Ms Agnes has been instrumental in developing our program structure and program material. One of her strengths is the ability to deliver the lessons in a concise manner, often can be relate well by the students, be it group or one-to-one tuition.

Orion Vision

Providing a Comprehensive Program

We aim to make learning fun and we have some of the most comprehensive programs in the education industry. Our programs are developed based on 3 building block. i.e. Developing Fundamental Skills, Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge

Orion Tuition Centre Proprietary Revision Material

Creating a Leaner’s environment

Our tuition centre’s environment is specially designed from the perspective of a student. Its design was conceptualized after numerous discussions and feedback from the students on what is lacking and what constitutes an ideal study environment
Student Studying in Orion Tuition Centre
Group of Student Studying in Orion Tuition Centre
Mr Anthony with a group of students
Orion Tuition Centre Pantry Area
Panorama view of Orion Tuition Centre