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IP3 to IP6

Class Availability

Bugis Branch

420 North Bridge Road, #03-06 North Bridge Center Singapore 188727

Bugis Branch

Saturday @ 3.15pm Saturday @ 5.30pm


Monday @ 5.30pm Saturday @ 1.00pm
Sunday @ 5.30pm


Yishun Branch

Blk 101 Yishun Ave 5 #02-95 Singapore 760101

Yishun Branch

Sunday @ 2.30pm Sunday @ 12.30pm


Saturday @ 2.30pm Saturday @ 12.30pm
Saturday @ 5.00pm
Sunday @ 10.00am


Weekly 2 hours lessons
$250 Nett Monthly (IP3/IP4) | $400 Net Monthly (IP5/6)
Extra Classes on selected topics will be conducted at no extra cost to students

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Class Description

  • Our proven program syllabus for IP3 and IP4 students are generally broader than what is offered in school which include topics such as function and vector.
  • The program will focus on building the fundamentals and understandings of mathematical concepts which are essential building blocks to more advance problem solving technique at IP5 and IP6 or the A-Level.
  • Test and short assessments will be conducted to track the progress of students and understanding of students. This allowed our experience tutor to customize our dynamic program for each group of students.
  • Consultations will be available to our students at no additional cost.
  • IP5/IP6 students will be placed under our H2 Math Program for the A-Level. Our established program have consistently achieved at least 2 grade improvements at the GCE ‘A’ Level. Students will be group into classes by their pace of learning and lectures will be delivered in the most clear and efficient manner by one of the best tutor in the industry.
  • Revision will be conducted in various formats such as summary of critical concepts through examples, short assessment tests and class quiz etc. This allowed our experience tutor to engage the class in a  two-way communication and at the same time ensure information can be absorb and retain in many different ways.
  • The program include a focus on advance problem solving technique that are essential for the GCE A-Level and building up the fundamentals of mathematics for the weaker students.
  • Consultations will be available to ensure that students can grasp the concept in the most efficient manner.

Orion Outreach Program

We believe that all students regardless of finanial backgrounds should have equal chances to be coached by the best tutors in the industry. Should you have geninue financial difficulties, we offer subsidized rate for our already affordable tuition fees through our Outreach Program.

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Bugis Branch: 420 North Bridge Road, #03-06 North Bridge Center Singapore 188727

Yishun Branch: Blk 101 Yishun Ave 5 #02-95 Singapore 760101

(+65) 9271 9276

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