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Our classes have gone online due to COVID-19


Important Update

Physical Classes

With our strict safety implementation in place, students can now return to attend the physical lessons at our Branches.

Online (LIVE) Classes

In addition, students will have the flexibility to attend the live lesson from home. There will be a total class size limitation, i.e. limiting total number of students in (Live + Physical) class. So the tutor to student ratio remains optimal for effective and interactive learning.

Free Trial is available for selected sessions.

Our IP program will focus on building the fundamentals and understandings of mathematical concepts which are essential building blocks to more advanced problem-solving techniques at IP5 and IP6 or the A-Level.

For IP5/IP6:

Check out our H2 Maths Classes >

For alternate slots, kindly register your interest for alternate slot. 

  • Our proven program syllabus for IP3 going on IP4 students – which includes topics such as Functions and Vectors – is generally broader than what is offered in schools.
  • Tests and short assessments will be conducted to track the progress and understanding of our students. This allows our experienced tutor to customize our dynamic program for each group of students.
  • Consultations will be available to our students at no additional cost.

Bugis Branch:

420 North Bridge Road #03-06 North Bridge Centre Singapore 188727

Bugis Branch

Yishun Branch:

Blk 101 Yishun Ave 5 #02-95 Singapore 76010

Yishun Branch

For 1-on-1 Tuition availability, please enquire from our Coaching Page.

$280 Nett Monthly

No hidden cost nor deposits.
If you require Financial Aid:
Apply for Orion Outreach Program

Optimal class ratio

Average class size of 6 to facilitate tutor and student interaction so concepts can be imparted efficiently.

Beyond class consultation

Our tutor regularly takes the initiative to clarify doubts.

Grouping of Students

Students from schools with similar syllabus will be grouped together. We will have to deny enrollment if there are no suitable classes.

Solving Inequalities the Faster Way

Preview our online resource that is available exclusively for our students

Hear What Our Students Are Saying

William gives his best to each and every students

William gives his best to each and every students

After struggling with H2 Mathematics in my JC1 year, I was introduced by a friend to William’s classes. At the start, William would focus on getting the fundamentals straight, building a strong foundation. This is often overlooked by schools which would focus on...

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William Re-ignite my interest in Maths

William Re-ignite my interest in Maths

Ever since he was in school, William has been a very good tutor even towards his schoolmates. I was his schoolmate from JC, if not for his helpful coaching, I would not have passed my mathematics paper. I like him for his kindness and dedication in the subject of...

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Anthony understands the struggles of being a student

Anthony understands the struggles of being a student

Anthony is a very dedicated teacher and is uniquely different from all the previous tuition teachers I had throughout my past years of education. He understands the needs and struggles of being a student and is able to wire his teaching style to cater to those needs-...

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Not sure if our program will be the right fit for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

I am afraid that my school has a unique IP syllabus. Will Orion Tuition Centre’s Integrated Mathematics syllabus be suitable for me?

Lessons at Orion Tuition Centre are well-suited for IP students from different schools as syllabus content are largely similar (90%) across all IP schools. Our Integrated Mathematics curriculum has been specially developed to be broader and thus will cover all examinable topics.

Is Orion Tuition Centre’s broader curriculum necessary for me? Won’t that be unnecessary workload?

Topics that are beyond students’ school curriculum will not be taught during regular lessons – they will be carried out as extra lessons at no additional costs. Students who are not tested on these topics in their respective schools will be given the choice to opt-in and thus will not be affected even if they prefer to focus on their schools’ regular curriculum.

How are IP classes organised? Will students from the same school be grouped together?

We organise classes according to students’ standards and the period of enrollment. Our tutors, having been in this industry for years, will advise students on a suitable class at the point of enrollment. This flexibility is a better form of customization for students as it prevents students who enroll later from missing out on topics and is thus a more efficient learning framework. Moreover, the learning pace of the class will better match that of the students’ through this approach.

How is Orion Tuition Centre’s “Integrated Mathematics” program structure different from other tuition centres’ Math program?

Most centres run a rigid and one-size-fit-all program, i.e. fixed question type, fixed lesson plan. Orion Tuition Centre optimizes the learning process for group tuition by customizing the lesson for each class in terms of pace, topics, the variety of questions, etc.

On top of the Integrated Math program, Orion Tuition Centre offers mathematics tuition for A-Level. The curriculum continuum creates a strong fundamental concept base for students.


Do I need to provide a month's notice if I find the program not suitable for me, and wish to withdraw?

Students do not have to provide a month’s notice. In fact, they can withdraw at any time before the following lesson, with immediate effect. Unlike most centres, Orion Tuition Centre does not collect any registration deposit. We pride ourselves in our program with our extremely low turnover rate as a testament to the success of our program.

Do students have opportunities to consult and seek clarification about their doubts?

Our tutors are available for consult before or after classes. Student are strongly encouraged to clear their doubts with their respective tutors on a regular basis.

Does Orion Tuition Centre offer IP1 and IP2 classes?

Orion Tuition Centre specializes in national examinations, where the level of intensity, dynamism, and subject difficulty is much higher. The amount of work and hours required for our tutors to run such programs is thus why do not have the capacity to run group classes for IP1 and IP2. Instead, we offer limited 1-to-1 private coaching lessons for our IP1 and IP2 students.

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