Updated 11/01/2018
JC1/IP5 (2018) Maths
J1 (2018) H2 Maths:

- Sat 230pm @ Yishun (New)
- Sun 330pm @ Bugis (New)

J1 (2018) H2 Further Maths:

- Kindly check with us for information on H2 Further Maths Lessons.

Updated 12/01/2018
JC2/IP6 (2018) Maths
J2 (2018) H2 Maths:

- Sat 1pm @ Bugis.
- Sun 530pm @ Bugis. (New)

- Sat 1230pm @ Yishun.
- Sat 5pm @ Yishun.
- Sun 10am @ Yishun (New)

J2 (2018) H1 Maths:

- Tues 330pm @ Yishun (Limited Vacancy)

Updated 04/01/2018
Secondary School Maths
Additional Maths:

- Sec 3E/IP3, Sun 4pm @ Yishun.
- Sec 4E, Sun 2pm @ Yishun.
- Sec 4E/IP4, Tuesday 330pm @ Yishun

Elementary Maths:

- Sec 3, Sun 930am @ Yishun.

Updated 11/01/2018
1-1 Private Tuition (A-Level):

- Limited weekday slots are available, kindly contact us for more detail.


Orion Maths Programme (A-Level/ O-Level/ IP)

The cornerstone of our success is the comprehensive program that we have in place for each mathematics courses. In addition to the intense and comprehensive regular lessons, we also set aside personal time for consultation, extra classes, time prep, full day study program etc to give our student the necessary edge in national exam.


Orion Proprietary Material

Quality resources especially at the higher level are limited in the market. Recognising such issue faced by the students, our centre over the years have devote much of our resource into research and develope proprietary material to aid the student learning.

For most effective learning outcome, different set of material (i.e. lecture slides, tutorial questions, summary notes, higher order thinking questions etc.) will be utilised at various stages of our teaching.


  1. Program for Private Candidates retaking A-Level H2 Maths in 2018. Weekly 2 hours comprehensive lesson that is well designed to cover the whole syllabus of H2 Maths. Monthly fee of $400, and Orion Subsidy Program is available for qualified needy students.
  2. Consultation and video lectures will be available to provide extra help to the private candidates.
  3. To ensure the private candidates are well conditioned for the national exam, there will be examinations and class review test.

H2 MATHS Program (A-Level)

  1. New students will be part of our revision program where our tutor will revisit all critical J1 topics such as Vector, Differentiation, AP &  GP etc. ($400 monthly, Orion Outreach Program is available for needy students).
  2. Students with promo score of B and above can opt to join classes at a much faster pace.
  3. Consultation will be available to ensure the student can grasp the correct concept in the most efficient manner.

Integrated Program IP3 to IP6

  1. For IP 3/4 students, they will be grouped together with the appropriate classes with similiar syllabus. There will be tests and assessments of relevant topics tailored for students from different schools.
  2. Alternatively, private tuition is also available for IP 3/4. To cater to the different syllabus from different IP schools, students are encourage to form their group. This allowed our tutor to tailor the lessons accordingly to each respective school. New registration will commence in November until all slots are taken up.
  3. IP5/6 students will be placed under our H2 Physics/Chem Program for the A-Level, with minimum of 4 lessons per month at $400 monthly. The syllabus for A-Level is common to all IP school and JC. The Orion Outreach Program is applicable for eligible students.
  4. Do contact us for more detail so we can advise the options available.

Additional Maths Program (O-Level)

  1. Weekly 2 hours lesson with consultation ($250 monthly, Orion Outreach Program is available for needy students).
  2. Topical concept redelivery, revision  lessons and key concept summary will be conducted our experienced tutor under the program. Advance Level skill set  useful and relevant for the O-Level maths will also be inculcated.
  3. All relevant examination resources and notes will be provided to adequetly prepared the student for their O-Level examination.

Elementary Maths Program (O-Level)

  1. Weekly 2 hours lesson ($250 monthly, Orion Outreach Program is available for needy students).
  2. Detailed and structure lesson, concept will be redelivered by our experienced tutors. Key concept will be summarised, revision will be conducted and advance Level skill set relevant for the O-Level examination will be inculcated under our program.
  3. All relevant examination resources and notes will be provided to adequetly prepared the student for their O-Level Maths.

One-To-One Private Coaching (Limited Slots)

  1. One-to-one coaching is available and the registration will commence in Dec until all slots are taken up.
  2. The slots are limited and mostly fall the on the weekday as these lessons will be conducted by our vastly experience specialist tutors i.e. Mr Anthony and Dr William.
  3. Do check with us for more detail or schedule an appointment with us so that we can advise the available options.