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Our classes have gone online due to COVID-19

Important Update


All classes have been transitioned to (LIVE) Online Classes

Our class schedule remains the same but instead of attending your classes at one of our tuition centres, you will be attending our live online classes.

Free Trial is available for selected sessions.

Our established and highly reviewed (do check out our testimonials) program for H2 Physics has consistently achieved 90% A or at least 2 grade improvement at the GCE ‘A’ Level. 

JC1 Classes will only commence from Jan 2020.

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  • Students will be group into classes by their pace of learning and lectures will be delivered in the clearest and efficient manner by one of the best tutors in the industry.
  • The revision will be conducted in various formats such as a summary of critical concepts through examples, short assessment tests and class quiz etc. This allowed our experience tutor to engage the class in a  two-way communication and at the same time to ensure information can be absorbed and retain in many different ways.
  • The program includes a focus on advance problem-solving technique that is essential for the GCE A-Level and building up the fundamentals of physics for the weaker students.
  • Consultations will be available to ensure that students can grasp the concept in the most efficient manner.

Bugis Branch:

420 North Bridge Road #03-06 North Bridge Centre Singapore 188727

Bugis Branch

Yishun Branch:

Blk 101 Yishun Ave 5 #02-95 Singapore 76010

Yishun Branch

Woodlands Branch:

Alternate Location. Mr Anthony’s Home for JC Level. Full address will be given upon confirmation of attendance.

Woodlands Branch

For 1 on 1 Tuition availability, please enquire from our Coaching Page.

$400 Nett Monthly

No hidden cost nor deposits.
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Limited Yearly Intake

No centre will put a limit enrolment. However we do, so that ALL our students will receive the best academic support.

Beyond Class Consultation

ALL doubts and questions from students will be adequtely addressed by our super committed tutor. 


Best Physics Program

It is impossible to summarise what our program offer, as we simply offer everything our students need.  

Elastic Collision
Derivation & Special Cases

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Hear What Our Students Are Saying

William gives his best to each and every students

William gives his best to each and every students

After struggling with H2 Mathematics in my JC1 year, I was introduced by a friend to William’s classes. At the start, William would focus on getting the fundamentals straight, building a strong foundation. This is often overlooked by schools which would focus on...

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William Re-ignite my interest in Maths

William Re-ignite my interest in Maths

Ever since he was in school, William has been a very good tutor even towards his schoolmates. I was his schoolmate from JC, if not for his helpful coaching, I would not have passed my mathematics paper. I like him for his kindness and dedication in the subject of...

read more
Anthony understands the struggles of being a student

Anthony understands the struggles of being a student

Anthony is a very dedicated teacher and is uniquely different from all the previous tuition teachers I had throughout my past years of education. He understands the needs and struggles of being a student and is able to wire his teaching style to cater to those needs-...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the H2 Physics program prepare its students for the practical and experimental design questions in A-Level Physics Paper 4 (weightage of 20%)?

Experimental design and planning section of physics paper 4 will be covered as part of our program curriculum. There will also be demostrations of various practical at the class level. Stations will be set up for students to have some hands-on session. 

Beyond that, our students may also sign up for extra practical sessions with their tutor, however charges do apply.

How is Orion Tuition Centre’s H2 Physics program different from other tuition centres

There are two key ingredients for any effective program, the quality of the tutors and the program curriculum. The tutors at Orion Tuition Centre have an excellent skillset, track-record, and experience. We also boast one of the most comprehensive physics program in the industry. Our curriculum ensures that our students are well prepared even for practical exam. Practical examination preparation is something very few tuition centre offers. To provide our students with an edge in the A Levels examination, we have an extensive array of resources. They include practical guide, online video lectures, exam focused past year questions and more. A free sample of our physics summary guide is available for download below.

I am concerned with the order of topics as it differ from JC to JC, will Orion Tuition Centre’s curriculum be suitable for me?

The difference in topics for JC2 H2 Physics is minimal as compared to JC1. Thus there is no pressing concern for JC2 students.

For JC1 classes, our tutor will exercise flexibility in various ways:

  • limiting the class size
  • breaking up the class
  • etc

to best prepare students for promotional exams. In some cases, especially closer to promotional exam period, we may also reject the enrolment of students if we do not have a suitable class for them.

I am concerned with the order of H2 Physics topics, where can i find out about Orion Tuition Centre lesson class lesson plan?

We do not publish our lesson plans online as class curriculum is dynamic and tailored to each class. As such, usually, there are no two classes that are doing the exact same thing. We do this so that we can cater to the different learning pace of students.

For example, if 80% of the class find themselves comfortable wth Topic A, Topic A will be given less emphasis, this allows the 20% of the students to catch up with the topic, yet still value-adds the 80% of the class. During subsequent revision phases, our tutors will introduce more challenging questions on topic A for the class.

This is one of the many planning considerations we adopt at Orion Tuition. For a program to be effective, it has to be dynamic and our tutors are willing to adapt to ensure optimal results for our students.

I am interested to enroll into the JC2 H2 Physics class, will I miss out on the earlier JC1 topics??

There are various mechanism in placed to ensure all topics (i.e. inclusive of all JC1 syllabus) are adequately cover and all weaknesses are addressed.

Our H2 physics curriculum balances between the revision of JC1 topics and the introduction of JC2 topics. Revisions will be done in phases for J1 topics with increasing difficulties. Varying depths of physics concepts will also be built in these phases.

In addition, from time to time there will be extra sessions for some of the J1 topics. Our students can opt-in for these extra sessions. There are also online lessons which are student can leverage on.

How big is the H2 Physics class size? I am concern with the lack of opportunities to consult and seek clarification.

Our max class size is about 12 students. Priority will be given to questions related to the topics being covered in the lesson.

Students who want to seek help for their school work can highlight it to our tutors. We will be glad to offer assistance beyond scheduled lesson time. Just ask kindly if you need help, we never turn students away.

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