I came under William’s coaching when I was in JC1, and I have never looked back since, for he is an extremely dedicated tutor, whom tutoring methods are effective, and he makes learning a truly enjoyable process. William is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the field of mathematics, and would guide my friends and I through mathematical concepts using a variety of methods, such as anecdotes, as well as practical examples. His teaching is clear and concise, and he makes mathematics easy to learn and understand. He also teaches many handy tips to improve the way we answer the questions. William is always patient with me and would slowly explain any doubts I still do not understand. He is extremely generous with his time and willingly takes time outside of class to clear any doubts that we have regarding any questions we have. On top of this, he also extends beyond lesson times to help us to the best that he can. To him, there is nothing that brings more joy for him than seeing his students improve. William exudes a kind and sincere aura and his warm and genial personality puts people at ease. He can be seen as a friend whom one can easily turn to and count on. He frequently checks on how we are doing, and once in a while shares his life stories such as how he worked for his A levels, to motivate us and spur us on. He would also give us tips on how to revise, not only for mathematics but also for other subjects. The two years I have spent under William’s coaching have been enriching and meaningful, for I not only improved my understanding and knowledge of H2 Mathematics, but also taught me other important life lessons.
Yun Quan

Anglo-Chinese JC, 2014