After struggling with H2 Mathematics in my JC1 year, I was introduced by a friend to William’s classes.

At the start, William would focus on getting the fundamentals straight, building a strong foundation. This is often overlooked by schools which would focus on tougher concepts making a false assumption that students are able to understand the ‘simple’ basics or grasp it by ourselves. Personally, at the start, I overlooked the importance of these fundamentals which turned out to be essential for higher order questions that Cambridge is gearing towards nowadays. As the A-levels draw closer, William would spend extra time and effort to initiate more lessons to go through relevant questions ensuring that we understood the required working and able to replicate them if it ever makes a reappearance.

There are absolutely no qualms with regards to William’s knowledge in the subject. He would solve questions off hand without referring to the answer key and if you’re interested he can even share other methods that are out of the syllabus. With that being said, he is well versed with the syllabus as well. More importantly, this methodology allows us to follow his train of thoughts and understand the rationale behind every step which we can then make clarifications if needed.

But what truly sets William apart from other tutors is his patience and friendliness. I had no worries in asking any ‘stupid’ questions and instead felt bad for making him repeat certain standard problem-solving skills taught earlier in the year that I had forgotten (but as I had mentioned before, there was no discomfort in asking questions).  Whatsapp-ing him questions was not a problem either as he would reply promptly with step by step worked solutions unlike the vague answers that certain answer keys would provide. William would also constantly encourage us and coupled with the improvement that I have seen in my understanding and grades, this provided a huge boost in my confidence in the subject.

I truly feel that William is a genuine person, helping us attain our desired grades and giving his best to each and every one of his students. Arranging lessons was not a tough issue as William would try to accommodate our schedules, planning lessons ahead making things extremely systematic and convenient.

Yen Wee

Anglo-Chinese JC, 2014