Having no pure physics background, H2 Physics was tough for me to handle. I struggled through JC1 and failed almost all my physics tests and exams. Getting a U grade all the time demoralised and pushed me closer to my limit. Being patient and encouraging, Anthony would always reassure me that I can do it. He would repeat the same concept over and over again using different analogies each time just to make sure I truly understood the concept. He ensured that I do practice papers consistently and he would also bring them home to mark and grade them. Despite having to cope with his own studies, Anthony would still take time off his busy schedule to give me extra lessons whenever I needed them. His efforts paid off as he successfully turned me from a grade U to a grade C A level H2 physics scorer. Anthony is also fun to be with. Lessons with him are never boring or stressful. Being someone who was at the bottom himself, Anthony understands how it feels to be getting bad grades despite putting in much effort. I am truly inspired by him. Anthony, thank you for all that you have done and I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.
Xin Yi

Nanyang JC, 2010