During Sec 3, my math was hanging on the borderline pass mark with a chance to easily slip into a failure grade. Anxious, my mother engaged a tutor for me from a friend of her’s. Honestly, I have never believed that tuition actually helped as it was more of just paying someone to ensure that you practice or do your work. Thus I was not too excited about the idea of paying someone to eat up my free time just to make me do work I could have done by myself. Then came in William. He totally changed my idea. He made maths fun, interesting and easy, adjectives that are not usually associated with the subject itself. It was fresh and I found myself doing better, liking the subject more and thus get even more motivated to excel, almost like a perpetual loop.

His lessons cut straight to my weak points, by first identifying them then quickly addressing them. He first lists out the chapter’s key learning points and then focuses on any points the student is not familiar with. Doing so in a way which helped me to understand and reason out why certain methods are used or how certain formulae are acquired, which in turn, helped me remember and use the information faster and more efficiently. He allows time for me to ask questions in order to ensure that I have actually grasped the concept and then proceeds by making me apply it in practice. This helps make the subject less daunting as bigger concepts are broken down into smaller more understandable concepts.

William is also faithfully punctual and dedicated. He is always on time if not five minutes earlier and has never been absent for any of the lessons. He keeps a clear schedule constantly reconfirming the day and time of the lesson. Moreover, he is willing to extend his lessons to ensure that the student has a clear grasp on the topic before he leaves despite the tight schedule he may have. He is always willing to answer questions even after class or even outside of class. I have Whatsapp-ed him many questions and he has never failed to promptly reply and even explain the question and method to solve it.

He is also warm, friendly and can be seen as an older sibling always encouraging us to have the right mindset of being able to achieve our A’s and to never give up. His fiery passion towards the subject is infectious and I can truly say I enjoyed each and every lesson.

With this William managed to pull my borderline score to both distinctions in A-maths and E maths during my O levels. Moving on to my A level, Mathematics never posed a problem to me under his constant guidance. All in all, William is a capable tutor who brings life into a subject deemed boring and monotonous, not only bringing in the results we wanted grades but also the joy of an Education.

Ryan Tan

Saint Andrew's JC, 2013