Anthony is a very dedicated teacher and is uniquely different from all the previous tuition teachers I had throughout my past years of education. He understands the needs and struggles of being a student and is able to wire his teaching style to cater to those needs- relentless repeating of concepts and topics for forgetful, interesting analogies for the imaginative, classification of question types for the structured and tailored questions suited to the abilities of students. He is very dedicated to teaching his students and is willing to go the extra mile and put in extra time to give us extra lessons for the extra grade. Nearing A levels, the weekly tuition and extra sessions are able to help me enforce and practice both my math and physics concepts as he is able to reduce challenging concepts into something that sounds less alien. Having been in his class for a year, I have not only gained knowledge of the respective subjects but also learnt more about effective studying methods and exam techniques.

Regine Lee

Anderson JC, 2013