Anthony is a very dedicated and caring tutor. Despite almost half the academic year gone(2012), he still willingly took me in and adjusted his schedule to the best of his abilities to accommodate to my learning needs. He patiently guided me through the Mathematics concepts week after week until I understood it. Even then he still took the effort to refresh the concepts with his students from time to time. His notes are done up in a straightforward fashion, making it easy to understand and refer to. A lot of effort is put into his notes and they are constantly updated and revised. Subsequently, he gives us the updated notes to further aid in our revision. Anthony is highly focused on the end goal – the A-Levels; he makes sure everyone in his class has a good foundation to make revision easier. He narrowed down on our mistakes, giving us similar practise questions until we understood how to approach such questions. Closer to the A-Level’s, he guided revision in such a way that whatever little time left was maximised. Questions were handled together as a class so that everyone could learn from each other. His teaching style benefits everyone greatly, making us more confident with the questions and concepts. In all, Anthony’s patience and drive serve his students well in their preparation towards the A-Level’s
Myra Tan

Saint Andrew's JC, 2012