Staying in the west means I have to regularly make long journey to attend Mr Anthony classes. However all these long journey trips were worthwhile as I learnt a lot from his classes and subseqently did well for the A-Level. Having struggling with physics through my JC1, I have never imagined myself to be able to appreciate and apply the difficult physics concept. I was very impressed with his ability and patient to break down complex physics concept with interesting analogies. Additionally Mr Anthony is also a very determined tutor. Knowing that I was not doing so well with my H2 Maths with only few months left to the A-Level, Mr Anthony encouraged me to join the maths lessons. He went the extra mile to plan my school work and even sacrificed his time to organised weekly revision class late at night. He always reminded us that “No success comes without hardwork”, I will remember that!. Thanks you Mr Anthony for all the guidance , effort and the endless inspirational sharing!
Mathew Chan

Anglo-Chinese JC, 2012