I am probably one of William’s earliest tuition assignment back then in 2005. After so many years, my mind still hold vivid memories of our tuition days and how he had helped me to achieve my desired grade in Mathematics 9233 (now known as H2 Mathematics).
I was an Arts Student back then and was really struggling in Mathematics. I always had a big fear of Mathematics probably due to my lack of opportunities to taste success in the subject. William helped me to gain confidence in Mathematics through his innovative and thoughtful teaching methods. Rather than teaching me the mundane steps in solving the Mathematics questions, he taught me to understand the rationale and logic while tackling Mathematics questions. The very fact that his teaching centred on understanding the subject is evident as I eventually moved on to pursing a degree in Economics, where Mathematics took up a significant proportion of the curriculum for the degree.
I enjoyed his lessons for the fact that he was able to package Mathematics as a manageable subject to me and how applicable it is to real life. Many Mathematics tutors are good at solving Mathematics questions, but not many are able to present and teach a weak student to achieve and appreciate the subject. I would like to strongly recommend William’s Mathematics tuition, given his commitment and innovation in his teaching. In fact, I also recommended William to my younger brother for Mathematics at O Levels and A Levels where he eventually aced the subject.

J.L. Tan

Nanyang JC, 2005