Having tutored JC Maths for a significant amount of time, William is a very experienced, passionate and competent tutor. Lessons are typically effective, efficient, interesting and thought-provoking. William conducts his lessons by swiftly identifying our areas of misconceptions followed by doing his utmost to explain concepts and questions that we may not comprehend as clearly as possible. He also makes sustained efforts to develop our interests in learning H2 Maths and challenges us to attempt questions of high level of difficulty once he deems that we are ready to do so. William has a good track record in terms of his commitment and dedication. He has never been absent for any lessons and is punctual for all lessons. Moreover, William often goes the extra mile of staying back after the lesson to cover questions that we cannot complete in the lesson although he may have a tight schedule to follow. Due to the fact that some topics in our lecture notes may lack representative examples which cause us to not comprehend the concept fully, William will attempt to obtain top school quality notes speedily that will provide clear and concise illustration in solving types of questions to aid us in our learning. Likewise, when we may request for a greater variety of questions to practice, William will attempt to source additional practices for us without hesitation. These demonstrate that he is a rather resourceful tutor. Lastly, William can actually be perceived as older brother rather than a ordinary tutor who clocks his hours and leaves. He has a warm, friendly and helpful personality.  The fact that he constantly encourages us to strive for an ‘A’ in H2 Maths although we may have never attained it in our internal assessments suggests that he believes we have the potential of achieving academic excellence with the correct study strategies, mindset and guidance. When we may occasionally have issues with other subjects, he will attempt to answer it. Under the correct study strategies, mindset and guidance from William for close to two years, I am proud to say that I have achieved my ‘A’ for H2 Maths. In my opinion, everyone is capable of achieving academic excellence if he or she puts his or her heart and soul into studying. Nevertheless, I believe that engaging a ‘good’ tutor will reduce the time and effort in doing so.
Hian Wee

Serangoon JC, 2011