H2 Maths Bridging Program

Preparing IP4/O Level Students for JC Maths

Why Enrol into our Bridging Program?

Only the best IP4/O-Level maths students will opt to take up A-Level Maths at the H2 Level and most will find it a challenge to adapt to the pace and standard of JC1 mathematics. 

 It is important that students who will eventually take up A-Level mathematics are well prepared and ready, instead regressing to a lower standard. Excellent preparation is always the fundamental to the success of anything.

Thus we will want to bridge the gap with the 2 months break between the O-Level/IP4 to the commencement of the JC Maths Program at the respective Junior Colleges (JC).


What do we aim to achieve in the Bridging Program?


Strengthen Subject Competency

To bridge the gap to A-Level Maths and strengthened their competency in the relevant topics to the A-Level Maths, which will be heavily tested in their JC1 promotional exam.


Reduced Difficulty & Optimum Pace

Introduction of JC topics at a reduced difficulty and optimum pace so that students can have a better idea what they will be expecting. Often the pace in JC is so fast that students didn’t have enough time to grasp what is being taught.


Suitability Assessment

To assess if the students are suitable for mathematics at the H2 Level (the higher level A-Level mathematics).

Whats Included

What To Expect During Our bridging Program


Lesson 1: Inequalities
Lesson 2: AP and number pattern
Lesson 3: Differentiation
Lesson 4: Differentiation, Integration
Lesson 5: Integration
Lesson 6: Permutation & Combination
Lesson 7: Permutation & Combination
Last session: Assessment

Consultation / Guided Revision

Approximately 14 hours of specially curated topics, meant to introduce students to H2 Mathematics (Syllabus 9758).

An additional 2 hour session to assess students’ understanding.


We will be glad to offer assistance beyond lesson time. Just ask kindly if you need help, we have never turn our students away.

Preparing you for JC Maths

Bridging Program Schedule

Toa Payoh Program Schedule

Yishun Program Schedule

Registration Process

The total cost of the program will be $800.

Payment of first 50%

Since we are only opening up 5 vacancies, your enrolment into the intensive program will only be confirmed upon paying the first 50% of the couse fee.

Payment of the next 50%

Complete the full program payment by 8th Dec 2020.

Let's Work towards your Success

You will get personalized attention from our tutors where they will go the extra miles to prepare you for H2 Maths.

Where It’s At:

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Singapore 310190

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Yishun Branch

Blk 101 Yishun Ave 5, #02-95
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Yishun Branch

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