General Paper Intensive Revision

For JC2 Students
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What’s Included

What To Expect During Your Intensive Revision

Limited Vacancies

We are keeping class sizes small, so that each of you will get the attention you need.

Lectures + Tutorials

Classes will be conducted as both lectures and tutorials to ensure that lessons are delivered efficiently.


After-class consultations are always available to those who need them – use these consultations to ask for feedback on your essays or to clarify any doubts you may have.

18 Hours, 5 Weeks

Pace yourself with 18 hours of lessons spread out over 5 weeks. Learning is a marathon, not a sprint!

Content + Skills

Brush up on your content (facts) as well as your skills (strategies).

General Paper Intensive Revision

Held at our Bugis branch (address and location below).

Please note: the schedule and course fees below are updated as the weeks pass. 

At any time over the course of this revision programme, please feel free to write essays on your own free time and bring them to class for consultation. These consultations can be held after class or over Whatsapp for us to discuss potential areas for improvement or to clarify any doubts!

Registration Process

The total cost of the programme will be $1,000 + $30 Registration Fee

Payment of First 50%

Since we are only opening up 4 vacancies, your enrolment into the intensive programme will only be confirmed upon payment of the first 50% of the course fee. 

Payment of Next 50%

Complete the full programme payment by 21th October 2020.

Work Towards Your Success

You will get personalized attention from our tutors, who will go the extra mile to maximise your chances at the ‘A’-Level.

Where It’s At:

Bugis Branch

420 North Bridge Road #03-06
North Bridge Center Singapore 188727

TPY Branch

Yishun Branch

Blk 101 Yishun Ave 5 #02-95
Singapore 760101

Yishun Branch

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is the GP Intensive Revision Programme vacancy so limited?

    This is to ensure that each student is provided with sufficient personalised attention, which may come in the form of consultations, WhatsApp support, or whatever else it may take. Having too many students on such a programme will dilute our tutors’ time and resources, which will be counter-productive.

    Can I choose to attend only the classes in which I am interested?

    Unfortunately, no. We have very limited vacancies for this programme; it is meant only for students who are keen to attend the programme in its entirety.

    How does Orion's GP Intensive Revision Programme compare to others?

    What really sets us apart from other such programmes is the time and effort dedicated to each student. This is only possible because we limit the enrolment. Unlike other such programmes, which tend not to limit their vacancies, we are able to allocate enough attention to each student.

    Another facet that sets us apart is our programme duration: ours is spaced out over several weeks. Unlike other programmes, which may be condensed into a few days, ours will provide the right pace to allow our students to absorb concepts effectively.