William does not rely on textbooks and have an innovative teaching style. Lessons are never boring and he makes maths more interesting and less mundane to understand. He specially selects questions based on my level and challenge me to do even tougher questions in my free time. William is also very patient in teaching maths, he would go through the question more than once and would make tough problems easy to solve. William is also a very passionate and committed teacher. He is always willing to go an extra mile for his students, such as always encouraging me to send him questions via whatsapp and he would even solve and reply while on holidays. During the exam periods, he even goes an extra mile to extend the tuition time so that he can go through every question I asked. His dedication and enthusiasm inspire me to respond in kind so as to not let him down, enabling me to score A/B in my exams. In conclusion, I would unreservedly recommend William as he is a proven maths tutor and a fatherly figure that not only teaches me academically but share his life experiences and exam tips too. He is an amazing teacher in which I would always look up too.
Dexter Tan

Tampines JC, 2015