Unlike secondary school, JC math can be very challenging and I knew I needed help although I was rather skeptical about math tuitions because I felt that math is all about practice. Anyway whatever methods that I tried alone didn’t work and I found Mr William. When I first went into the classroom it was small and cosy which I prefer a lot more as compared to large tuition classes because I believe a better student teacher ratio allows the teacher to spend more of his attention on each of us. During his lessons he is very engaging with everyone and no student is left out at a corner and not to forget he gives out sweets and lollipops to help us focus better when we feel lethargic. What I find best about his lessons are that he structures them very well. First he will go through the fundamentals about each topic before giving us some easier questions to attempt which I find extremely useful because it allows us to get our basics right before proceeding on to harder questions. This is as compared to tutors who just throw difficult questions and going through them afterwards. So far his lessons have made me feel more confident about attempting math questions and I am confident he will be able to guide me to a good grade in the A levels.
Daryl Peh

Saint Andrew's JC, 2015