What sets Anthony apart from other tutors is the passion he channels into his work and the dedication he has to his students. Having approached him only eight months before the A levels and with a consistent S grade for my H2 Math, the amount of faith and patience he displayed while coaching me is truly commendable. Going the extra mile is characteristic of Anthony. Not only does he compile a comprehensive series of math worksheets for reinforcement and extra practice, he also encourages you and aims to help you realize your full potential. He is versatile in his teaching methods. The ability to explain mathematical concepts in more ways than one was instrumental to my understanding them. He is able to cater to a body of students with varying learning styles and cognitive abilities. Previously complex theories were put across in a manner that made them straightforward and easily understood. Each lesson ends with a substantial take away – Anthony identifies weaknesses, gaps and errors in my approach and ensures that they are immediately corrected. Despite his busy schedule, he is always willing to set aside time to help clarify doubts. Being goal oriented and having good planning skills were essential in helping me to achieve good results and academic success. Anthony is knowledgeable and does his best to provide sound advice. He is very accommodating and easy to work with. Going for math lessons were always a pleasure. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. – Aristotle. I believe Anthony has adopted this philosophy, as it is evident in his teaching approaches and the accompanying results. Without his guidance, I doubt I would have scored the A I did for H2 Math in the A Levels.
Chen Xin

Jurong JC, 2011