Anthony is a very dedicated teacher who is willing to go the extra mile in helping his students out with all their problems. For each topic, he is patient and thorough in his explanation. Using examples, he would go through the basic concepts and make sure that I understand each of them before moving on. The use of different types of questions from each topic also reinforces the understanding of each concept. If I am ever stuck in any step of a question, he would drop me hints and slowly guide me until I have solved the question. Through his patient mentoring, I learned how to breakdown the requirements of each question and conquered my fear of tackling seemingly difficult and complicated questions. As a person who had little aptitude and interest for Math, learning and understanding each concept was a long and arduous journey that was made simpler because of his help. I even came to enjoy doing Mathematics papers! I eventually attained an A in the 2011 A levels’ exam under his tutelage and am extremely thankful for his help and also his commitment to my learning.
Bryna Lee

Private Candidate, 2011