frequently asked questions

  • I see that Orion has a very different setup from other tuition centres. Why is this so? 

    As students, we all have faced problems of finding suitable study areas conducive enough to carry out our revision. As tutors, we have experienced students wandering around the area while waiting for lessons to start.

    Bearing these in mind, together with feedback from ex-students, we have shaped Orion to create a learners’ environment to bring out the scholar in all students instead of maximizing returns by making more classrooms.

  • Are there any extra costs? 

    Yes and no.

    We understand that it is common practice in many centres to collect a one off deposit and also material fees, which may amount to the likes of $200. However, our monthly group tuition fee is all inclusive and there are no registration fees, material fees, deposits involved. The reasons being firstly, we do not believe in collecting deposits to make students stay with us. The students stay with Orion purely because they have faith that we can (and will) make a difference to their results. Secondly, lesson materials should go hand in hand with the lessons that we plan, as such, we believe that it should not be an additional cost.

    However, in certain months prior to important examinations, there will be special arrangements to class schedule to prepare students intensively. Details for this special arrangement can be found in the response for the next question.

  • What are the tuition fees? 
    Tuition fees are revised from time to time. However, the adjustment will only affect students who join us after the revision and therefore existing students will not be affected by fee adjustments. From 1 September 2016, the monthly fees for group tuition are at $350/mth for JC1 students, and $400  JC 2 Students.
    The fee are computed based on 4x 2 hrs regular lessons. In the event that there are 5 scheduled lessons in a particular month, we do not charge extra fees. In fact, we exercise great flexibility and compassion in the collection of fees. Monthly fees can be paid to the tutors during any lesson within the particular month.
    The final payment for JC2 is in October and the amount will be $800 for the A-Level preparation course.  The student will be briefed for the detail of the preparation course.
  • Are there any intensive program ?  

    There are opt in integrated revision program during June and July period. The programs are designed for students who join us later and wish for a more intensive option to strength their subject competency. The program will run independently from the regular classes for an additional fee of $400 for 4 2hr lessons.  There is also the intensive A-Level preparation course which run from October to November for $800.

  • Do you provide one-to-one tuition service? 

    Yes, we do provide one-to-one tuition service at a different rate. However, when we see that private students need extra help, we will extend our helping hand to them by allowing them to join the group tuition slots for addition practice, at no additional cost.

  • The ‘A’ levels are nearing and I am still weak in some topics, are there any way to do a revision on these topics? 

    Having gone through the education system ourselves, we understand that for most students, a weekly two-hour session is insufficient. Therefore, at Orion, we hold a free weekly topical revision program that runs independently from the weekly sessions from June to October yearly. The objective of this revision program is for students to do have more help and exposure to topics which they are weak in.

  • I did not take Additional Math in secondary school, and as a result, my fundamentals are very weak. I am afraid I cannot catch up. 

    We understand that there will inevitably be students whose basic concepts are not as strong. Therefore, in addition to the free weekly topical revision program, we also hold special workshops to help students improve their fundamentals from time to time, again at no extra cost.

  • I like the conducive environment of the study cafe. Can I ask a friend along to study here? 

    The study cafe is open to and free for all Orion students who wish to have a conducive place to study.

    Due to high demands for limited places in the study cafe, and also security purposes, we regret to decline any requests for non-Orion students to use the study area.

  • How does the referral program work? 

    We are thankful for the numerous referrals that our existing and ex students have showered us with. As a form of gratituity, we are offering cash rewards for every successful referral (completion of at least 1 month of class with us).

    The referral program is structured as such:

    For recommendations of JC1 students, the reward is $200.

    For recommendations of JC2 students from January to June, the reward is $150.

    For recommendations of JC2 students from July