About Us

Orion Tuition was founded by Anthony, who shares one of the most inspiring success stories (Last in Normal Academic stream to Top in Express stream and subsequently obtaining a place in NUS Engineering Dean’s list) in the history of Singapore Education.

Building on the success of AnthonyTuition, Anthony decided to expand his proven model and started searching for like-minded quality tutors. Extremely careful with his selection, he approached William to be the co-founder of Orion. William is a holder of a first class honours degree and PhD in Aerospace Engineering from NTU with perfect GPA (5.00/5.00). He is also an experienced tutor for the undergrads at NTU. His list of accolades goes on. However, what sets William apart is his passion for teaching and willingness to place students’ interests ahead of his own. Fully convinced with Orion Tuition’s vision of “Making Learning Fun and Accessible for All”, William’s arrival has been instrumental in the development of Orion’s programs and he has contributed immensely to the very success of Orion Tuition Centre.
With more than two decades of shared teaching experience, Anthony and William firmly believe that the secret ingredient, besides the ability to teach (which is obvious as we only pay for the best tutor or we don’t recruit at all), is the heart to teach. To have the heart to teach, is to continually seek to improve one’s teaching, to walk the extra mile and to give one’s best. Nothing beats that.

Orion Vision

Transforming learning experiences, Orion Tuition recreates the lacking essentials in today’s learning environment to bring out the best experience for its students. Orion Tuition reviews its design layout regularly based on the feedback and ideas contributed by its students.


Making Learning Fun

  • Orion has some of the most comprehensive programs in the education industry, developed uniquely based on 3 building blocks i.e. Developing Fundamental Skill, Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Retention.

Accessible for all

  • Both Anthony and William shared the same thinking that all students, regardless of financial backgrounds, should have equal chances to be coached under the best tutors in the industry.
  • Despite the high demand for its award winning tutors, Orion has always sought to maintain its tuition rate affordable for all.
  • For students with genuine financial difficulties, Orion has even gone one step further to subsidise its already affordable tuition fees through the Orion Outreach Program.

Learner’s Environment

  • The centre’s environment is specially designed from the perspective of a student. Its design was conceptualised after numerous discussions and feedback from students on what is lacking and what constitutes an ideal study environment.