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Led by a team of award winning tutors, Orion (MOE Registered) aim to recreates the lacking essentials in learning environment to bring out the best learning experience for its students.

Dr William
PhD Tutor
(Aerospace Engineering, NTU)

  • Top A level Student in 2004. Perfect A-Level Score with Distinction in Special Paper (H3 Equivalent) Maths and Physics.
  • First Class Honours in NTU Aerospace Engineering. PhD in NTU Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He mentored NTU undergrads in regular lessons.
  • Author of scientific papers in internationally recognised journals and presenter in international scientific conferences.

A stellar academic performer and mentor, Dr William is someone who deeply stlieves in the power of education and the positive effects education can bring to individuals.

H2 Maths Tuition Class
Anthony Lee - EM3 Tutor

Anthony Lee
EM3 Tutor
(From EM3 to Top Student)

  • Featured in various newspaper publications for his inspiring achievements (From EM3 to Top Student) in 2002 O-Level and 2004 A-Level.
  • Placed in NUS Dean’s List for Electrical Engineering, which is awarded to top 5% of students with a GPA of at least 4.5 out of 5.
  • Founder of the successful AnthonyTuition which specialises in H2 Maths and H2 Physics.

Mr Anthony’s academic road to success was unprecedented. From the bottom of the academic ladder in EM3 (lowest stream in Primary School) with a PSLE score of 114 to getting a placement in NUS Dean’s List, his success story is available for sharing in the centre.



  • NUS Bachelor of Science (hons). Developed the first water soluble conjugated polymer for cancer therapy.
  • Former Junior College Chemistry Teacher.
Agnes Chan - EX JC Teacher
NUS Science Tuition Class